June 02nd 2014
Coley Mixan ??? Action Packed
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a song sketch for my potential final project…


Searching for responsiveness
With volume and dissonance
I am limited and limiting
A symptom of identity
Wondering how to get involved
With Creation—towards the Om
Gotta sing what’s action-packed
Offer up big love and laughs
Perplexed by viewpoint and attitude
The swinging mallets of my moods
Through light and energy
The person is political
I know I can only be me
But I am far too critical

What can we give to the world
But the fullest expressions of ourselves?
We must not only be moved by art
But thrown into momentum through gladdened hearts
Remember my children, be grateful for what you have
Give them Love and make no demands
You’ve got to read poetry at night
If that’s what inspires your eyes
Don’t be oppressive to yourself
There’s plenty of hatred to go around
Don’t be so controlled or controlling
There is a role to play without role-playing
(there’s a role to play without role-playing, babe…so you should just be yourself)

The essence of everything can only be expressed
When you strive for your best
Through an honest art practice
Make poetry out of the invisible
Set the universe to your time scale
You are infinite
Because art confirms the way you’ve spent
Your life
Your Love
Your time
Your thoughts


June 02nd 2014
embrace the queer

embrace the queer

May 16th 2014
Paris When It Sizzles! Mixan Lustration
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song sketch i guess:

Sensibility is the serpent crawling across my feet
I can trick the flesh with flesh but never her whispering
This national bank of Catholic roses!
To touch and arouse all that decomposes!
I am an open house:
Freedom flexed profound…

Will-o-the-wisp, a wasp of spirit
I stung my calling before I could hear it
Yes, I tried to cover up the natural disgust
Of a body condemned to lust
Commodified by the glory I’ve sought
Nullified under a failure of thoughts
I am collapsing
Like the snakes surrounding me…
(By who’s definition is my ambition any less than theirs?
Is water necessary to save me?
Oh my children, who’s definition?
Am I living under the correct set of circumstances?)


we’re making tunes ||

re-becoming a band! 

more soon

February 22nd 2014
Paris When It Sizzles! Solar Warrior Solar Warrior (demo1)
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a new song sketch for today:

The fainting into skies
From a high diving board
The express train overnight
To Detroit’s damp bars
I want a song to play
A miserable line or two
Some chords and some mistakes
To harmonize with you
My classroom days are flutters
Propagating in the dark
Where I think about the others
And how I let them rot

Following my passions through
Be it in heaven or in hell
Wherever mystery will fume
And the melody shall swell
I can’t be pretentious
If I am giving it my all
Why mark the self so serious?
Failure’s the best part of the fall

Our life on these streets seems silent in comparison to leaves
And I can make a bit of noise but it’s nothing under nature’s echoing
So let my fingers tumble in convulsions
Let my spinning head drape
I am petrified in motion
To find the stillness in my grace
When the summer’s resonance is playing
All those rich, deep meditations
And I’m freed for night, slick like jazz improvised
I am the solar warrior
Cosmic spirit, co-explorer

Don’t you worry about your lineage
You will be forgiven
Don’t you dare put up a fight
That’s not nonviolently driven

January 24th 2014

making musssiiiccc

January 24th 2014



Tilt Colossus is a record made by Paris When It Sizzles! during September—November 2013.
Paris When It Sizzles! is Coley Mixan.
Coley Mixan is all guitar, drums, percussion, piano, bass, synthesizer, banjo, vocals, lyrics and audio production heard on this record. (all songs written & played by Coley Mixan)

track list:
1. Colossus Tilt
2. High Mirrors
3. Victory of the People
4. “Orange!”
5. Death Receptors
6. An Algorithm of Encryption
7. [[ (pulsing forward) ]]
8. Step into Science Fiction
9. Soft Moon
10. Poppy Seeds
11. Navy Blue
12. [[ (ill manners) ]]
13. Lightweight
14. She is a God
15. Lion Zephyr
16. Grab Your Sister
17. Tilt Colossus

Gratitude, praise and dedication to:
The Almighty Artist—whose stars encourage me to consort with the eternal. Conor—for being my rock (and roll). Mandy & Grandma J—for working their crafts and beholding the highest art of love. Colette—for the always all ways and boundless inspiration. My new family, friends & mentors at UW—for making a space for me in your amazing community (I look forward to so, so much!). The South O Crew—for all the love & support and for striving to positively change the lives of our patrons. Emily, Wanda and Caitlin—for your art, humor and wonderful wit. For all my family members (especially my newly adopted, surrogate Vancouver cousins!)—for your presence and affection. Amy and Sarah—for giving me hope on lady love and lady punk music. Everyone else—for having all my love! So many people & books to list and not enough room or memory to thank you all—know my love for you is exponential. Most importantly…Halley, Little V and Reese—for being my favorite four-legged friends.

also let me know if you want a physical copy (autographed and with an original polaroid photograph by me!) and i will make you one for $10!!

January 24th 2014

such a huge eaglei love my big eagle it’s too bigit’s too wideit’s too strongit won’t fit 


such a huge eagle
i love my big eagle 
it’s too big
it’s too wide
it’s too strong
it won’t fit 

January 24th 2014

making music

December 01st 2013

the new Paris When It Sizzles! album is done! it will be online & downloadable on December 3rd! (physical CDs will also be available for purchase!) Here is the lead single off the record…High Mirrors.

Downtown streets bounced the echo
Of all place and all time 
Revolt’s static glow:
Television multiplied
Dressing up to drink highballs
Man glosses mind
‘There’s nothing wrong with this catcall,
Pretty ladies just like the vibe’
Oh what a suburban lifestyle!
Bursting with floral dresses
Lawyers and doctors reconcile
The system that represses

She was over thirty
Put her hair up in a bun
Knew her way around the office
Controlled the warmth of a gun

With hair trimmed above their ears
Matched in style and in grace
Men will conform and fall into fear
The fun gets locked in the chase
There’s no selling emotions
When they are tangled up in legs
Death and life mirror devotion
To some higher realm of praise

Death and life mirror devotion
To some higher realm of praise! 

October 28th 2013
Paris When It Sizzles! wut I will possess the fouls you claim
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new punk lol demo i made tonight:

I’ve got limited cash
Tips or wage it’s all a flash
Reading Sylvia Plath
Man, do I got it bad
I don’t want what they prescribe
I just wanna sleep at night
Let music get me high
Stuffing words inside my mind
Timid verbs creep on me
Everybody must be lonely
Selling lies to skim the scene
Fashion is just make believe
Wearing leather late at night
My jacket’s rad, my jeans are tight
I can loosen up my shades
Knife’s all right, I want the blade

Ain’t no man that’s gonna put one past me

I’m an atom time decayed
Just so criminally gay
Push me around, call me dyke
Don’t give a shit, I like what I like
I will possess the fouls you claim
Wear them like a badge of shame
Then I will spit on your politics
Because, really, I don’t give a shit
Blood is blood and it stains red
Money is the power that wants you dead
I’ve barely got the pocket change
To feel the pull of the deranged
Yet I’m still acting strange

To be the best you gotta feel the worst
Believe me boys I’ve been cursed
A plague to your society
I ain’t gonna let it be
So whitey-white and straight lines
Fuck that shit, it’s so designed
To repress and possess and diminish
I’m not finished 

(via detectivemikan)

October 14th 2013
no triangles. suxsounds work in progress
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sounds you won’t hear on the EP we’re recording.

song writing process is shaping, meh. WIP.

October 09th 2013

i alone have heard this glad refrain


i alone have heard this glad refrain

October 09th 2013

no triangles.rock band.


no triangles.
rock band.

October 09th 2013

Today was crepe dayand a what a marvelous holiday

was it a crepey day


Today was crepe dayand a what a marvelous holiday

was it a crepey day

October 07th 2013
lining up some Northwest shows for November! 

lining up some Northwest shows for November! 

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